From Dr. Barry Williams

Superintendent, Gates County Schools

“Gates County Schools understands the education of students is a collaborative effort with the involvement of educational stakeholders. Our vision pronounces an ‘ideal’ future for our students considering the changes in science, technology, the environment and the uniqueness of our rural community and school district. To provide our students with experiences easily accessible for larger school districts in highly populated areas, we need to utilize partnerships to provide educational opportunities for students to explore STEM in a positive way.”

“The Saunders Science Scholars program, with the collaboration of the Gates County Community Partnership, provides resources and events to the Gates County Schools community, in particular middle school students and their families, to explore science in a meaningful way. Each month, students and a caring adult from their household meet with a Morehead educator to do science activities, discuss ways to connect through science, participate in special events (like speaker engagements and field trips) and more. In addition to working with cohorts of students, the Saunders Science Scholars program supports Gates County Schools by providing outreach through Morehead Planetarium & Science Center’s mobile programs.”

“The Saunders Science Scholars program and the Gates County Community Partnership is a wonderful opportunity for the students and families of Gates County Schools. The investment in our students is a gift that is immeasurable.  Please contact Dr. Barry Williams at [email protected] for more information.”