Gates County Schools is happy to announce they are the recipient of an Obici Healthcare Foundation Healthy Spaces grant of $49,993 to fund a health and wellness facility at Gates County High School.

The Obici Healthcare Foundation was established in 2006 to improve the health status of the people living in Western Tidewater, Virginia and Gates County, North Carolina by responding to the medical needs of the indigent and uninsured and by supporting programs which have the primary purpose of preventing illness and disease.

“This facility will be a catalyst for improved health outcomes for our citizens and students. It will also advance the level of performance of our athletes with equipment designed for that purpose,” emphasized Brian Rountree, Director of Gates County Community Partnership. “We would like to thank the Obici Healthcare Foundation for their generous gift to Gates County Schools and its community. Congratulations to our partner, Gates County Schools!”

Many will gain from the Gates County Health and Wellness Facility. The physical education department will use the space to assist students in developing healthy behaviors. Training will provide students with expert guidance in activities that promote overall health and wellness. Outside of school hours, student athletes and the community will utilize the facility. Gates County Schools will staff the space and will post hours for public use.

Gates County Schools is excited about the benefits the training center will provide, as there is compelling evidence that suggests exercise programs offered in communal settings improve physical fitness. Healthy behaviors are key to helping students achieve their potential. It is vital to ensure that healthy habits begin at youth.

Dr. Barry Williams, Gates County Schools Superintendent stated, “The Healthy Spaces Grant awarded to Gates County Schools for a Health and Wellness Facility by the Obici Healthcare Foundation has been achieved through the collaboration of Gates County Schools and the Gates County Community Partnership. Our community and our schools will greatly benefit from the facility with a focus on wellness and building healthy habits that can continue throughout an individual’s lifetime. I appreciate the support of all those involved in this endeavor and look forward to continuing to institute programs and attain facilities that benefit the students and staff of our school district as well as the Gates County community.”

Gates County School’s Health and Wellness facility should be open for use by Fall 2022.