Mentors Empowering Our Wildcats (MEOW) recently commenced at T. S. Cooper Elementary School in Sunbury, North Carolina.

The enrichment initiative focuses on youth development with fourth and fifth grade boys. The program uses the book “Simon B. Rhymin’,” by Dwayne Reed, to inspire courage.

“Mentors Empowering Our Wildcats, will help our fourth and fifth grade students build confidence as they read and build relationships with male mentors,” stated Ms. Lisa Wilkins, Educator, T. S. Cooper Elementary School. “The book, Simon B. Rhymin’, and our conversations, will help students learn how to build a community and will demonstrate how one kid can make a difference. We are excited to offer this program to our students.”

Gates County Community Partnership and Mr. Jeremy Wright, of Gates County Schools, volunteered their services as mentors to four groups of students during the inaugural session of MEOW. In the meetings, they conversed about life and the importance of an education. The groups also read a portion of “Simon B. Rhymin’.”

“We would like to thank Dr. Tammy Boone and Ms. Lisa Wilkins for allowing us to launch Mentors Empowering Our Wildcats. Mentorship matters and it is our duty to play a role in uplifting our kids,” emphasized Mr. Brian Rountree, Director, Gates County Community Partnership. “We will continue working with these students through the duration of the program, as we do what we can to support anything that benefits our children!”

Dr. Tammy Boone, Acting Principal and Assistant Superintendent of Gates County Schools, stated, “It really does take a village to support and advocate for our children! It is so heartwarming to know that our young male students will be impacted by male mentors who will have the opportunity to impart small nuggets of positivity into them that will play a role in their future development.”