In an initiative to help bridge the significant digital divide prevalent in rural America, Gates County Community Partnership (GCCP) has relaunched “The Access Initiative.” This program aims to provide laptops to eligible students at Central Middle School and Gates County High School, fostering improved educational outcomes and empowering the next generation.

The digital divide refers to the inequality in access to technology and online resources, creating barriers for students in rural areas. Recognizing the urgency of addressing this disparity, Gates County Community Partnership has taken proactive steps to equip local students with the essential tools they need to succeed academically and beyond.

To qualify for “The Access Initiative,” students must be currently enrolled at Central Middle School or Gates County High School and eligible for free or reduced lunch. By targeting those who demonstrate financial need, the program ensures laptops are distributed to those who will benefit the most.

“The importance of technology in homes cannot be overstated. It has become an integral part of our education system, enabling students to access information, engage in online learning platforms, and develop critical digital literacy skills,” emphasized Gates County Community Partnership Director, Chante Jordan. “The Access Initiative aims to level the playing field for our students, ensuring they have the necessary technology to succeed academically. By providing laptops, we are striving to close the digital gap and empower our students to meet their full potential.”

Through this initiative, students will have the ability to conduct research, complete assignments, and collaborate on projects using online resources, creating a more interactive and engaging learning environment. By breaking down the barriers caused by the digital divide, Gates County Community Partnership is fostering equity in education and promoting exceptional academic outcomes for all students.

Applications can be found at and can be submitted to [email protected]. The deadline is Friday, November 3, 2023.

For more information on “The Access Initiative,” please contact Gates County Community Partnership at 252-220-5051 or email [email protected].