Gates County Community Partnership has stepped up to offer unwavering support to Gates County High School’s Navy National Defense Cadet Corps (NNDCC) with a donation of $1,000. This contribution will play a crucial role in assisting the cadets by covering expenses for various activities that enhance their overall experience.

Unlike many similar programs across the nation, the NNDCC receives no financial assistance from the US Navy. As a result, it must actively engage in fundraising efforts and rely on the support of the local community to provide the resources necessary for the success and development of the program.

When asked about the donation, Benjamin C. Saunders, Jr., President of the Gates County Community Partnership, emphasized the organization’s commitment to supporting local educational initiatives, stating, “We firmly believe in investing in our youth and providing them with opportunities to explore the Armed Forces. The Navy National Defense Cadet Corps is an exceptional program, and we are proud to assist them in achieving their goals.”

The NNDCC program aims to cultivate leadership skills while fostering a sense of discipline among its cadets, all within the context of national defense. Students who participate in the program learn teamwork, responsibility, and citizenship skills. By exposing cadets to diverse aspects of the military, the program provides them with valuable experiences that will significantly impact their future.

The Navy National Defense Cadet Corps expresses its deep gratitude to Gates County Community Partnership for their dedication to the program’s mission. The NNDCC encourages more organizations and community members to follow the example, ensuring the long-term success and stability of the program for years to come. Together, Gates County can empower and inspire future leaders.

For those interested in supporting the Navy National Defense Cadet Corps, donations can be made by contacting Gates County High School directly at 252-357-0720. Every contribution, regardless of its size, will be of great value to the growth and success of this essential educational initiative.