For the 2023 – 2024 school year, Gates County High School will further support the educational and social advancement of its student athletes by instituting an official academic and youth development component to its sports programs.

With this initiative, Gates County High School will dedicate time weekly to promote the honorable achievement of all its student athletes. Planned sessions will be tailored to the individual needs of each participant. An objective is to maintain or improve scholastic performance of student athletes while “in-season.”

In addition, Gates County High School will bring in community members and others to speak on the importance of virtue, education, and service. The goal is to better prepare student athletes for life after high school.

“Our hope is this project inspires our student athletes to pursue their passion and purpose after high school,” stated Sherley Jones, Jr., Director, Gates County Community Partnership. “For us, it is about closing the gap between what you are capable of and what you are doing. We want our students to be the very best version of themselves!”

As part of the plan, Gates County Community Partnership worked with Gates County High School to acquire a VertiMax V8 EX to supplement their athletic training and performance program. VertiMax equipment is trusted by professional, Olympic, collegiate, and youth sports athletes, trainers, and coaches around the world. The technology enables athletes to realize increased power, agility, speed, and vertical jump performance.

“We are always thankful for the opportunity to work with Gates County Community Partnership when it comes to our students. We are both dedicated to not only improving the success of our athletes on the field but in the classroom and providing them with the opportunity to grow into outstanding members of society. We are excited for our athletic enrichment program to begin next fall,” said Jacob Harrell, Athletic Director, Gates County High School.