Gates County Community Partnership (GCCP) would like to recognize Brian Keith Rountree, GCCP Board Member and Vice President, on his election victory to serve on the Gates County Board of Commissioners.

Mr. Rountree has been part of Gates County Community Partnership since its inception. He has served Gates County as a spirited volunteer for years, often behind the scenes. His wisdom, temperance, preparedness, and ability to empathize allow him to effectively lead.

Brian is a man of integrity who fights courageously for the betterment of those he serves. The elected office of county commissioner is a natural progression that will broaden his impact.

DISCLAIMER: As an organization that serves all of Gates County, Gates County Community Partnership does not involve itself in partisan politics, even when one of their own is in the process. Since the subject of this article is running unopposed in November’s general election, they deem this article as appropriate.

Congratulations, Brian!